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Watch Your Business Grow Through Geofencing
Each month, we send thousands of new customer visits to retail locations all across America, on behalf of our clients through our proprietary geofencing methodology.
Want to drive more in-store visits? Perhaps you want to reach people who shop at certain locations and lead them to you. Or maybe, you want to target everyone who walks into a competitor's place and entice them to come instead to yours. Geofencing empowers business owners to rapidly achieve all these goals.
One of the best benefits of geofencing is that it precisely measures how many people responded to your ad and then came to your store. You can finally know your exact ROI.
Geofencing is also an effective technique for recruiting and hiring.
If these are your needs, Cullari Media is your go-to geofencing ad agency. Each month we drive hundreds of new paying customers to each client's location or landing page.
Smartphone location data can tell us where the customers you're seeking have been. Cullari Media's ad targeting uses that data to tell your potential customers about you and how to get your services. We can even draw them a map right to your door! ~Co-founder Ernesto Cullari