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Measured Revenue Growth Through Geofencing, Smart Native Ads and more ...
Become a Giant Slayer with GPS Targeting
In 2024, monthly, Cullari & Wardell is positioned to deliver 10,000 satellite-verified in-store customer visits throughout America, Canada, and Australia using our proprietary geofencing GPS-based ad methodology.
Geofencing provides precise ad response and store visit measurement, ensuring you know your exact ROI by reaching your target audience and leading them to your store or conquesting them from competitor locations. Additionally, it's effective for employee recruitment. 
Our method allows you take down big goals, and big targets (GIANTS) in small GPS-targeted bites.
We're your go-to ad agency, delivering hundreds of new paying customers to each client's location or landing page every month. With GPS and smartphone location data, we can inform potential customers about your services and provide them with directions leading right to your door.
For online-only conversions we implement Smart Native Ad campaigns on the open web leading to record form-fills, app downloads and e-commerce conversions.