Transforming Street Kids So That Poverty is Not Their Destiny
Cullari Media and our sister company Cullari & Wardell are impassioned supporters of Street Kids Philippine Missions, located in Bohol, The Philippines. Ernesto and Christopher Cullari's mother Dalisay (Lee) is a co-founder of this orphanage turned mission. 
Lee and her husband Matt are self-funded missionaries, meaning they sold their home and business to become missionaries. They continue to give all they have to the mission, including retirement monies. They are partially funded by generous people like you and they are supported by a few churches here in the US.
Matt and Lee have been operating Street Kids PM for over 12 years. Over this time, they have rescued nearly 50 children and families from the devastation of poverty; housing them, putting them through school, and teaching children who were once beggars to become young leaders in their blighted communities.
Through collaborations with other churches and non-profits, they have both fed and evangelized hundreds of families in times of crisis and national disasters.
Your support will ensure that future generations of street kids in The Philippines learn how to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs with a Jesus-focused mindset of God, self-reliance, service to others, and giving. Both Matt and Lee often go years without seeing their families in America. In fact, they have only seen their families twice in five years. Your support will enable them to see their ever-growing family in the US more often. The goal is to see them every six months.
But the main purpose is to build this mission up so that it can reach and impact many more children and young adults and lead them to Christ.
To give go through the Riverside Church's website, enter the amount you'd like to give, and remember to select Street Kids Philippine Missions.
To learn more about Riverside Church in Nutley, NJ: CLICK HERE.
Lee shares the sometimes painful realities of what it's like to serve as a missionary for years at a time.
Street Kids Philippine Missions cofounder Matt Dwinells shares some success stories of the kids who have grown up at the mission, where they started and where they are at now.
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