Ernesto Cullari Co-Founder Cullari Media, LLC

Ernesto is a writer, commercial photographer and commercial director, as well as our Chief Marketing Officer. He's experienced at managing all aspects of content creation and digital ad creation, ad management, distribution, and optimization.
Throughout 2021, he was the weekly on-air side-kick on 710 WOR for Josh Jalinski, The Financial Quarterback™. Ernesto was the producer for The Financial Quarterback™ weekly YouTube Live as well.
Ernesto was head of artist development for the Platinum-selling, and Grammy Award-winning team KNS Productions: whose successes include 3LW, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and The Back Street Boys. He's an ASCAP songwriter who has had hits on Disney Radio and Country radio.
His editorial writing is featured on Fox News, and he is a weekly columnist in the triCityNews. In 2012, Ernesto was Monmouth County's GOP nominee for US Congress.
Ernesto's marketing, directing and photography clients include The Original Soupman™ of Seinfeld fame, Hynt Beauty, One Over One, Well Within Beauty, si SKIN Organics, PaQuí Tequila, Natural Nuance, Otteroo Baby, Juniper & Pine, Bonnet Creek Resorts, Kiwabi, Celebrity Colorist Kazumi Morton, Salon Kazumi Beverly Hills, Chef David Burke, No Bull Burger, and many more notable brands, restaurants, and chefs.
Chris Cullari Co-Founder Cullari Media, LLC & Developer

Chris is a master-level computer programmer with over two decades of experience working in web development and SEO. He has expertise in building full life cycle applications using Microsoft MVC, Microsoft SQL Server as well as PHP CMS platforms such as WordPress, and Drupal among others. He's also the architect and developer of our own proprietary CMS Platform..
Brian Kane Co-founder Cullari Media LLC & Developer

Brian is a Master Developer of over 25 years building enterprise-level applications utilizing the latest cutting edge technologies. He has expertise in building full life cycle applications using Microsoft MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript, CSS as well as PHP CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and others.
Anna Kobeleva plays many important roles at Cullari Media. She is an experienced photographer, retoucher, producer, art director, and account manager. She's worn many hats in the content creation, marketing, and advertising world.
Anna has over 12 years of client experience producing content for all the major social media platforms.
She brings a younger consumer perspective enabling us to better communicate to younger audiences in a way that is authentic.
Her retouching work on product and beauty photography is second to none. And her ability to listen to and address client needs is her secret to success.

Anna Kobeleva. Art Director & Senior Account Manager

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