Don't Open Another Store
Don’t buy another location, don’t open another store, and don’t invest in a brick-and-mortar business again, unless you first invest in a mobile phone-based comprehensive foot traffic study. 
Fact: Mobile phone location data is superior to Facebook and Google data for both identifying qualified customers and measuring in-store visits. In fact, both platforms are incapable of measuring foot traffic.
Background: Cullari-Wardell has recently acquired cutting-edge technology to measure foot traffic to stores based on mobile phone location data. This technology allows us to independently track in-store visits as a result of our ads. Importantly, we can measure foot traffic independent of our ad campaigns as well, meaning you don't need to run a campaign, for us to accurately measure visits to a location. We now have a second system that can measure the foot traffic of any location, anywhere in North America. This information paints an accurate picture of the true value of any given location.
The Number Is Only Part of the Story
A few years ago my good buddy Charles told me that he would sit outside a laundromat that was listed for sale and use a handheld clicker to count foot traffic visits to that store before he would make an offer to buy it. While that’s all part of performing your due diligence it’s not the best use of time and it’s not the best way to accurately measure foot traffic data.
Moreover, counting the number of people walking in and out of a store tells only part of the story. It’s best to have a whole view perspective of a given business. The real valuable information is knowing where those visitors are coming from and where they are going in relation to entering a store.
It’s also important to know the entire mobile phone trade area. How many miles out and from what neighborhoods do customers really come?
Wondering about your own store? We can measure your total foot traffic over the last year, and determine if your previous marketing attempts have been successful. See your precise mobile trade area (BELOW).
Use Your Foot Traffic Data to Make You Money
For example, are your customers sitting in their car at a drive-up bank teller before coming to your store? If so, they are prime candidates to see one of your ads while they surf the net on their smartphones. Maybe they’re in a Dollar Store waiting in line to pay which would be another great opportunity to target them in real-time with an ad to come to your store.
We even track mobile phone traffic back to where your customers work and live. Are a percentage of your customers only in the area for a limited amount of time? Perhaps one or more motels and hotels within a given radius are where your customers tend to stay both before and after visiting your store. With a foot traffic study, you can know instead of guess. 
We can zero in on actionable location data to focus on specific locations and addresses.
Zero-in on specific areas of interest and then target with ads via satellite.
Are You Concerned a Competitor Is Taking Business From You?
We can run extensive foot traffic studies on your competitors and see where their customers are coming from. We can take a look at their last 12 months and determine which neighborhoods most of their customers are coming from. We can identify where their customers work, where they live and what other businesses they frequent. We can accurately measure their mobile phone trade area. We can see if their business is growing or contracting. And most importantly, we can use this information to your advantage, so that you can grow your business. 
In economic times like these, getting a good return on your ad dollar matters, information matters and precision on ad targeting matters all the more. A foot traffic study will give you valuable information to better inform your business decisions.
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