You Serve The Local Community
Community banks play a vital role in our communities in ways that big banks can't. You know your customers and you excel at customer service. You're there for small businesses. In fact, every year more than half of all small business loans come through community banks just like yours. But advances in mobile technology, including the usage of apps like PayPal and QuickBooks, and competition from larger institutions have made it harder for the local bank to thrive and increase profits.
We Reach The Local Community
Cullari & Wardell LLC offers an effective suite of marketing and ad services that are proven to be effective at reaching local business owners, local residents, and diverse populations that would benefit from the personalized banking services only a community bank can offer.
We're 20 Times More Effective
Using data from local smartphone users the geofencing and geotargeting strategies designed and deployed by Cullari & Wardell enable you to target people that live and work in the immediate area of your bank with bespoke ads that are highly relevant to them. Our ad universe includes 3 out of every 4 smartphone users. These campaigns are 20X more effective than generic banner ads and can be calibrated to track the number of new visitors to your branch each month via our targeting. And our top performing client gets 400 new in-store visits per month.
Cullari & Wardell is a valuable adjunct to your existing marketing and advertising initiatives. Our strategies can be used to help:
* Open more accounts
* Increase loan applications
* Increase branch visits and ATM usage
* Reach diverse populations in your community
* Increase profits
* Increase brand recall
* Identify and attract qualified staff
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