Money Well Spent
How much is a new patient and client worth? If we sent you 12 new Botox® or CoolSculpting® clients a month, would that make a difference in your bottom line? Each month Cullari & Wardell sends as little as a dozen to as many as 700 plus new customers to each of our clients, all across America, using an advertising technique called geofencing.
Cullari & Wardell's proprietary geofencing methodology leverages satellite and smartphone technologies to identify qualified leads and send them to your door. We use satellites to draw a virtual fence around a competitor's location. Every time one of their clients enters their office we can send them an ad on their smartphone, desktop, or connected TV to instead come to your place. We can target as many competitors and relevant locations as you desire.
Privacy Protected
When a prospect clicks on one of your ads they see your offer and are shown a map of how close they are to your location. When they make an appointment and ultimately go to your location their smartphone pings our satellite and a new visit is recorded. And the best part? Their anonymity is protected. We know someone who saw your ad, went to your office, and we even know the date, but we don't know their name.
Best Measure of Ad Dollars
Geofencing is both ethical and highly profitable! In fact, it's one of the only ways to accurately measure the effectiveness of your ad dollars. No other method tells you exactly how many people came to your office.
The best way to see how geofencing can grow your medical spa is to book a no-obligation consultation with Cullari & Wardell today.
Regional Exclusivity
When you retain Cullari & Wardell to geofence your competition, you have us exclusively. We don't work for your competition for as long as you're a client.

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