The car sales industry is full of missed opportunities. Think about how many service customers walk in and out of your service department on a daily basis and ultimately buy their next car somewhere else.
* Target your service customers with ads on their smartphones while they wait in your service area, in real-time.
* Target your competitor's service customers while they wait for their car in real-time.
* Target customers that pull into your parking lot while you're closed and even when they pull into a competitor's parking lot. The targeting combinations and possibilities can be suited to your goals.
* Real-time Dynamic Creatives power our ability to send completely personalized ads to prospects based on their keyword searches. (see below)
* Importantly, we are able to measure a visit when they come to your showroom.
We offer a Mobile Trade Area exclusivity radius to all our clients. Be the first to claim your geographic marketing area with Cullari Media's geotargeting ad services. 
Effective Solution
* Our best-performing geofencing client receives over 1,000 new and verified walk-in visits a month.
* Drive traffic to single or multiple locations.
* The technology behind our location-based ads is 20X more effective than generic banner ads.
* Three out of every four smartphone users are in our advertising universe.

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