What if you could select prospective clients with precision?
Our cell phones send out more data than you realize. This data reveals what specific locations you've visited and how frequently. This data can be harnessed to target consumers with ads about your financial services in real-time and it can also be used to re-target consumers after they've left a specific location. Location data reveals a lot about a person allowing us to draw reliable inferences relevant to our target consumer. This information is powerful enough to allow you to communicate directly to the kinds of clients you'd like to attract. Cullari & Wardell puts this valuable information to work for you.
Effective Solution
* Our best-performing geofencing client received 700 new and verified walk-ins in one month this year.
* Drive traffic to your website or locations.
* The technology behind our location-based ads is 20X more effective than generic banner ads.
* Three out of every four smartphone users are in our advertising universe.
CPAs and Tax Advisors:
Imagine reaching potential clients based on their real-world shopping habits or being able to target people based on who they bank with. You can even target potential clients whether or not they've visited a tax advisor or financial advisor. Targeting combinations are almost limitless.
Our location-based and demographic targeting tools are so precise that we can even reach people that have been to your competitors.
Cullari & Wardell's location-based marketing campaigns have a 96% accuracy level which means we can reach your ideal client with messaging that's highly relevant and timely to them.
Target local Lexus, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche shoppers and service-customers or deploy any other local criteria that best focuses on your desired demographics.
Benefits of targeting consumers based on where they have been:
* Behavior-based campaign design: Reach potential clients when they're likely to need or to be interested in your services.
* Money well spent: Location-based ads are 20X more effective than generic display ads.
* Across device reach: Your ads appear on mobile devices, in-apps, on desktop computers and tablets.
* Reach the "unplugged": 15 second video ads can appear on streaming services like Hulu and more.

Targeting Data:
Cullari & Wardell has access to up to date demographic and targeting data that allows us to create custom advertising universes that fit your exact criteria. Want to target shoppers to Whole Foods who also shop for jewelry and luxury hand bags? We can do that. Would you like to target an entire downtown area so that you reach small business owners and their clients? We can do that too.
Media Elements
We create your ads for you. As you browse around our website you will see that we create stunning photography and video that's second to none. We are world-class content creators. We can keep it simple like the ad to the right. Or we can create eye-catching visuals as seen throughout these pages. All ads can be optimized with the following:
* Locator Map
* Dynamic Distance Overlay
* Gamified creative elements to engage consumers
* Gallery of multiple images
* Countdowns that drive urgency
* Supports all video types: 360 video, vertical video, in-line video and Pre-roll video
* Video production services are available as an added expense.

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