How Much Is A New Customer Worth to You?
Geofencing rapidly grows your laundromat business by attracting customers from your competitors and tracking their visits to your store. Our targeted data enables us to focus on key groups, such as renters and recent movers, who are highly likely to utilize a laundromat. Leveraging smartphone-satellite connectivity, we precisely target your competition and surrounding areas. Through satellite tracking, we accurately measure the number of store visits generated by our tailored ads.
Our top-performing laundromat client had a visitation volume equivalent to $3,000,000.00 their first year with us on a $2,000 per month ad spend.
On average we send over 240 new in-store visits to our clients each month on a $1,000 ad spend.
Let's Grow Your Business From Day 1
Cullari & Wardell delivers exceptional results for laundromat owners of all sizes, revolutionizing their advertising efforts. Through targeted geofencing, we effectively conquest your competition and expand your market. By utilizing satellites, we create a virtual fence, or geofence, around your competitors, enabling us to send ads with maps to potential customers' smartphones when they enter that area.
The impact is transformative. Our clients rank among the most successful owner-operators nationwide, thanks to our consistent delivery of new customers to their laundry locations each month, leveraging geofencing technology and market data.
What makes it even more exciting is that smartphones and satellites provide precise data on the number of new in-store visits, including which specific locations customers visited. Laundromat owners gain valuable insights into their return on investment, with each visit accounted for.
Our top-performing client attracts up to 1,500 new clients across their stores monthly, while our smaller clients receive 50 new customers. On average our clients receive 240 new clients consistently. We strive to maximize the impact of every marketing/ad dollar invested, ensuring each client achieves remarkable results.
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The Williford Brothers
The Williford Brothers are one of America’s most successful owner-operators. They operate over 30 laundromats throughout the US. And each month they consult dozens of owners like you on how to maximize profits and avoid having their laundromats turn into money pits.
Follow their YouTube page: THE WILLIFORD BROTHERS

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