How Much Is A New Customer Worth to You?
Geofencing is a powerful smartphone-focused ad technology that can be used to grow your laundromat business quickly by taking business from your competition. We use the relationship between smartphones and satellites to target your competition and your immediate surrounding areas. We then accurately measure your store visits via satellite resulting from the ads we've created:
Our top-performing client had a visitation volume equivalent to $3,000,000.00 their first year with us on a $2,000 per month ad spend.
On average we send over 50 new in-store visits to our clients each month on a $1,000 ad spend.
Let's Grow Your Business From Day 1
With exceptional results, Cullari Media serves the advertising needs of laundromat owners big and small. We bring you verifiable ad results by targeting your competition and growing your overall market. We use satellites to draw a virtual fence around your competition. It's called a geofence. When someone enters that fence we can send them an ad on their smartphone with a map leading them to you.
The results are game-changing. Our clients are among the most successful owner-operators in the country. We consistently leverage our geofencing technologies and market data to deliver an ongoing stream of new customers to each of their laundry locations every month.
The most exciting part is that smartphone and satellite technologies enable us to know exactly how many people are making new in-store visits and to which of your specific locations they're visiting each month. We can account for each and every visit, empowering laundromat owners to know their precise return on investment.
Every month, our top-performing client gets up to 700 new clients across their stores. Our smaller clients get between 50 and 100 new clients a month - every month. We work hard to ensure that each client receives the biggest bang for their marketing/ad dollars.
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The Williford Brothers
The Williford Brothers are one of America’s most successful owner-operators. They operate over 30 laundromats throughout the US. And each month they consult dozens of owners like you on how to maximize profits and avoid having their laundromats turn into money pits.
Follow their YouTube page: THE WILLIFORD BROTHERS

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