Be The First to Reach the Patients That Need You
With interest-based targeted marketing, it's easier than ever to reach the patients who need your services. At Cullari & Wardell we're capable of marketing to potential patients without compromising their privacy.
People take their smartphones everywhere. Through their location history combined with their browser activity, we can make certain inferences about people's interests and needs.
Our bespoke campaigns can reach patients with relevant ads for your orthopedic or physical and occupational therapy practice based on this information. If you're a therapy clinic and you want to target every patient that enters a hand surgeon's office in an entire county we can do that. If you're an orthopedic surgeon and you want to target every prospective patient that plays a sport or goes to the gym we can do that too. You can even re-target patients that have been to your office with educational and reminder ads.
Effective Solution
* Our best performing client receives on average 400 plus new and verified walk-ins each month.
* Drive traffic to websites or locations.
* The technology behind our location-based ads is 20X more effective than generic banner ads.
* Three out of every four smartphone users are in our advertising universe.
Patient Privacy
At Cullari & Wardell LLC we never come into contact with patient information. We never have access to or store patient information. We direct prospective patients to your physical address or to your website via ads and landing pages without ever knowing their name, age, gender or diagnosis. Our geotargeting technology provider collects the following data:

* Digital identifiers, such as device identifiers and IP addresses;
* Information about the browser and operating system type and version, device type, and other data from or about a device;
* Precise geo-location data;
* Postal addresses; and
* Information about users’ web viewing, application usage, and device usage information including what advertisements are interacted with.
Experience Matters
Our Chief Marketing Officer Ernesto Cullari has been active in medical marketing and sales for over 18 years. He spent 12 years as a sales rep at Dynasplint Systems working in both the operating room and clinical outpatient setting. As CMO Ernesto has written the content for various biotech websites in the fields of oncology and urology. And he has successfully designed and deployed patient recruitment campaigns for human trials.  

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