Satellite-Verified In-Store Visits, Photography & Commercials
Ernesto Cullari's photography can be seen on the shelves of many major grocers. We work with food, beverage, and restaurant entrepreneurs both big and small. While we are known for our stunning photography and commercials, our daily bread and butter are in food and beverage marketing and advertising. Our main tool to deliver value is by delivering on-location visits through geofencing advertising.
At Cullari & Wardell, we use satellite technology to draw virtual fences around locations of importance; for example, we can draw fences around local Mexican restaurants, tequila bars, and high-end lounges while promoting Mezcal or Tequila brands. 
When someone enters one of our geofences we can target their mobile phones with Native, Display, or repurposed Social Media ads. Most importantly, when someone comes to our conversion zone or venue after interacting with one of our ads, one of three GPS satellites records an in-store visit.
A recent 5-day campaign brought in over 100 satellite-verified on-location visits in support of a Mezcal tasting event. It was a win-win campaign for the brand, the distributor, and the restaurant. Each month, at Cullari & Wardell, we use our proprietary geofencing methodology to drive nearly 5,000 satellite-verified in-store visits to our client locations all across America, Canada, and Australia.
Geofencing Explained:
Effective Advertising Solutions
* Our best performing ad client receives 700 plus new and verified walk-ins each month on a very modest budget.
* Drive traffic to websites or locations.
* The technology behind our location-based ads is 20X more effective than generic banner ads.
* Three out of every four smartphone users are in our advertising universe.
* Ads appear across all devices, in apps, in browsers, but importantly outside the Google and Meta universes, leading to more cost-effective on-site conversions.
* Video ads appear on Hulu and other streaming services
* Below are samples of our food and beverage photography.
Some of Our Recent Photography & Geofencing Work

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