Satellite-Verified In-Store Visits, Photography & Commercials
Cullari Media photography can be seen on the shelves of many major grocers. We work with food, beverage, and restaurant entrepreneurs both big and small. While we are known for our stunning photography and commercials, our daily bread and butter are in food and beverage marketing and advertising. We design and deploy effective campaigns that lead to increased revenue and lasting name recognition. Most importantly, we drive satellite-verified foot traffic to your doors through geofencing ads.
Combined with social media strategies, our location-based geotargeting ad campaigns drive real-world foot traffic to your location or your web-based business by targeting consumers based on their offline habits and travels. It is among the most accurate ways to target consumers. If you want to increase your in-store sales, online sales or foot traffic this combo is a must.
The information gathered from smartphones allows us to create smarter campaigns for our clients with a superior return on investment.  
Effective Advertising Solutions
* Our best performing ad client receives 700 plus new and verified walk-ins each month on a very modest budget.
* Drive traffic to websites or locations.
* The technology behind our location-based ads is 20X more effective than generic banner ads.
* Three out of every four smartphone users are in our advertising universe.
* Ads appear across all devices
* Video ads appear on Hulu and other streaming services
* Below are samples of our food and beverage photography.
Some of Our Recent Photography Work

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